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In case you were wondering where all the food has gone: Pet rats are hoarders.

In case you were wondering where all the food has gone: Pet rats are hoarders.


Rats are the bestest pets, but like with every animal, some of their traits can be perceived as nuisance.

Understanding what motivates your pet rat can help to prevent some frustrating incidents.


For example, when you feed them and they come and get the treat, and then disappear with it, it’s probably because they’re busy hoarding all the food.

This can bear bad surprises when you discover their secret stash.


Tips how to prevent your pet rat from hoarding:

– No food outside their cage

Watch carefully if they indeed eat their food. If they just grab it and take it somewhere, watch where they are going. If they’re hoarding in a place outside their cage, collect all the food and put it back in their cage. Clean that area well, so they don’t return to it.

– No food outside of their bowl

Watch where the ratties eat inside their cage. They might still hoard their food in a corner that is unsuitable, for example close to the rattie toilet or inside a rattie house. This could be because they feel too exposed. Move the food bowl inside a box, so the pet rats can feel safe while eating. The box will also collect all the leftovers, so it’s easy to clean.

– Don’t overfeed

While it’s important that rats always have access to food, because their metabolism works so fast, don’t overfeed them either. Have a staple diet of dry foods always available. But be careful not to overfeed them food that can easily go off. Instead give them several smaller portions throughout the day.



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