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Yours *TrulyJuly*

I do everything content.

When life writes stories…



“In the most exciting game of the season yet, we witness a match between two legendary teams that make this sport great, battling it out with the most agile moves, well placed kicks and sweat dripping action.

In nail-biting anticipation we enter the last 5 minutes of this contest of the giants!

Our footballer of the year got possession of the ball and is progressing towards the rival goal!”


Dinner’s ready, time to come home!


“’Only 5 more minutes!’ he shouts as he dribbles through enemy lines. A roar of exhilaration runs through the crowd!”


It’s always only 5 more minutes with you. You come home now!


“He bypasses his opponents as if riding an invisible wave, always knowing where the gap is to cut through and follow the flow towards victory!

This looks like playtime for him, he seems to have forgotten what is at stake and simply indulges in the art of soccer for the pure joy of it!

Here he comes, now it’s only him against the goal keeper!”


When I say now, I mean now! This is it, my friend!


“But! Oh no! This is unbelievable! It looked like a sure win for our soccer star, but, oh no!

It appears the entire game got stopped through the most unlikely event one could’ve ever imagined: Motherly Intervention!”



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