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Fearless Milka will go any place!

Fearless Milka will go any place!


Nickname: Milk, as her coat colour is really quite something: It’s not white, close to champagne, just that there’s this hint of grey in it, giving her almost a mauve shine, with a hint of taupe.


Turning Milk into Milka was an easy one, as it happens to be a big chocolate name branded with a purple cow.


A fearless little explorer, she’s the first to say hello, to investigate new food, and to venture into the unknown. Wanting to be in the middle of the action inevitably leads her to get entangled in many comical situations, making her a hilarious little entertainer.

Lots of joy to watch! 🙂


Wink, wink! ;-)

Wink, wink! 😉



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