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Puppy Lola's first hard boiled egg.

Puppy Lola’s first hard boiled egg.

In my quest to find food that is really good for our puppy, I came across a lot of positive posts about eggs.

Apparently an egg represents a complete dog meal. All parts of it are nutritious, even the shell.

Eggs have a bit of a bad rep for pets as the egg white contains avidin, an enzyme inhibitor which can interfere with their digestion and cause biotin deficiency. However, the egg yolk contains so much biotin, it makes up for it. That’s why it’s important to always feed the entire egg.

Cooking the egg kills those biotin inhibitors and any possible harmful bacteria, making it a safe meal.

While Salmonella or E. coli poisoning is unlikely in dogs and there seem to be many benefits to feeding raw eggs, young and old dogs with a weak immune system should rather be fed cooked eggs.

Avoid unhealthy cooking methods such as frying, rather boil or poach the egg. For extra fun give your dog the intact hard boiled egg and see how long it takes them to crack it. 🙂

Your dog will thank you with a contented stomach and a beautiful glossy coat.



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