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I started my own yeast culture in Greatmore Street. Hence I’m calling the resulting bread “The Greatmore”.

This bread I baked from yeast I cultured myself.

Great baking results: This bread I baked from yeast I cultured myself.


Culturing your own yeast is pretty easy. It requires dedicated attention though like a real life tamagotchi.


There are 3 ways to start your yeast naturally: From grain, from veggies, from fruits.


I recommend harvesting yeast from potatoes, as a potato starter is really simple:
Next time you boil potatoes, keep a cup of the potato water, mix in sugar and flour. When you see bubbles, you can already use it for baking.


As I cultured my yeast in Greatmore Street, I call the resulting culture “The Greatmore”.


In order to keep your yeast culture going, you’ll have to regularly bake, as feeding it means growing it. And one way to keep your culture strong is by regularly discarding some of the starter. Which you can use to bake banana bread or pancakes or waffles.


Using your bread starter for making bread works just like baking with activated fresh yeast and the same methods for rising the dough apply.


“The Greatmore” dough was rising incredibly well, thinking that it was kind of made out of thin air.

“The Greatmore” dough before rising.

“The Greatmore” dough after rising.


So maintaining a bread starter basically means entering a relationship of baking. The happier your bread dough, the more you bake – or is it the other way round. 😉


Baking “The Greatmore” as a flat bread.

“The Greatmore” Double Baked.

“The Greatmore” Gugelhupf.



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