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The 6th December is Nikolaus! Happy Nikolausi! :)

The 6th December is Nikolaus Day! Happy Nikolausi! 🙂


Easter Bunny!

Ah you see, this is not the Easter Bunny, this is the Nikolausi.

Easter Bunny!

No no, this is the Nikolausi. You see, Easter Bunny has fluffy puffy ears. But the Nikolausi has a nice red hat.

Easter Bunny!

No, you’re getting this wrong, my sweetie. The Easter Bunny hides the easter eggs. But the Nikolausi brings fruits and nuts to all the good children who behave well.

Easter Bunny!

No! You hear me? This is the Nikolausi. The N-i-k-o-l-a-u-s-i. Celebrating Saint Nicholas’ Day children put their boots out to be filled with gifts by the NIKOLAUSI.

Easter Bunny!

For Christ’s sake! It’s the NIKOLAUSI! The NIKOLAUSI! How many times must I say it: IT’S THE NIKOLAUSI!!!

… Easter Bunny …

Ah what the hell, they probably only change the wrapper and reuse the chocolate as the Easter Bunny anyway…

Easter Bunny?


Inspired by Gerhard Polt‘s “Nikolausi“.




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