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Yours *TrulyJuly*

I do everything content.

When life writes stories.



Okay, she had managed to get there alright.

Now, for going back home, that should be easy peasy then.


How does this work again?


She fiddles with the remote control and the car makes a series of unfamiliar sounds. One of them indicates she unlocked it.

It also attracts the eyes of a group of youngsters hanging on the corner.


As she gets into the car, they start walking towards her.


How to lock the car doors? Shouldn’t there be a button somewhere?


She searches for a symbol that makes sense on the dashboard, when they increase their speed to a casual jog.


Nevermind, just get out of here!


In a sudden surge of panic, she reverses almost into them, and screeches off, away and gone down the road.


She doesn’t dare look in the back mirror and drives straight home where her husband awaits her.


Everything ok?

Well, I suppose yes…

Because you’ve been driving with the boot open.


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