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Lola is having neverending fun with her new toy: STICK MAN!

Lola is having neverending fun with her new toy: STICK MAN!


I was once part of a lovely community.

I sat on the corner of a lively intersection and oversaw all the busy activities of children playing, people chatting and of course, cars passing.

I shielded the children from those: It was like I formed a barrier towards the traffic and sheltered the school ground from noise and nuisance.

Every day the children came to play soccer. I cannot recall how many times I caught the ball. One of the children would then have to get it back from me and was always celebrated as a hero when he returned successfully.

I loved their laughter and their free-spirited energy.


But that is all a long time ago and I lost most of those happy memories when they hacked me into pieces.

At that time I was happy to be gone.

Something had changed. The kids were not allowed to play soccer anymore.

Instead, rubbish was piling up and sad souls were gathering, full of destructive energy.


I shone on strong, but soon my protection was perceived as concealment and the air got clouded with the slithering whisper of demise.


Then everything happened very quickly. I still wonder if anyone has actually noticed that I’m gone.


But in all this sore madness was a strange moment of kindness:


One of my limbs was preserved.


A light-hearted soul picked me up. One very small part of me, but me.

I was taken to a new place I belong to now.

I’ve completely transformed:

I’m mobile and independent. I can travel around. I got a head screwed on and now I can stand upright again, lifting my crown high above.

And the best: I’m surrounded by loving souls who can’t wait to play with me.


That’s because I’ve become STICK MAN, the coolest dog toy ever made from a Magnolia Tree branch. 🙂


Read How STICK MAN was born. 🙂


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