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I do everything content.

When life writes stories.



Ok, time to go back inside. Who wants to come with? I’m closing the door.


In an instant she is right by her side, so they are crossing the doorstep together.

But just when the door is about to shut, she looks up, and around, and pokes her head back out.


What is it? Let me close the door.


But she’s out already, walking forward with urgency, but also careful not to miss anything, as she’s scanning the area.


She runs.

He’s lying in the sand pit!

She nudges him.

He grunts.

He fell asleep!

She urges him to get up and come back inside.

He looks a bit hangdog, but follows her. They cross the door step together.


Okay, well done Lola for thinking of Simba and bringing him inside.




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