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When life writes stories.



They’re cruising down the road at dusk when they see their cousin on the corner.

Oi! They stop to have a chat.

A girl walks by.

Out of the corner of the eye she looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. No wait, it moves?!?

What was that?

What was what.

What? That! The girl, she’s like, what’s that on her shoulder?

What do you… ??? Let’s find out.

The car moves slowly onwards.

The girl notices, but doesn’t show: They are following her!

She’s almost home, it’s not that late yet, are there people around?

She turns at the square against the one-way street, that way they can’t continue to go after her.

And indeed, they turn the other way, complying with the traffic rules.

The next road is also a one-way street, which will lead them the opposite direction of where she’s heading.

Unless they are indeed following her and …

… Yes, they are driving against the one-way road to catch up with her.

What now?

She has to cross the road, but before she even gets her foot onto the street the car is right in front of her.

What now?

The driver leans out of the open window and the passenger also leans over.

What now?

Oi! What’s that on your shoul…


The driver makes out the shape of a rat and involuntarily jolts from such a fright, his entire body surges into alertness and he jumps his car just before it dies under his hands, but he manages to give it the gas it needs to rush forward, giving it the appearance of a scared cartoon cat that first jumps straight up with all four legs in the air and then runs off at full steam.

Everyone, probably even including the rat, is laughing.


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