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Traffic is slow.
No, actually, it’s not moving at all. And for quite some time now. What the heck is going on?


Further on a scene unfolds like out of a movie:


Driving down the road of his hood in his mega tuned metal glistening fat cat classic benz he stops as he spots his mate at the corner.

They chat. Interesting stuff.

Until some noise disturbs the conversation. Damn, it’s just so hard to hear him with all this… hooting! What’s going on?

Behind them a queue of 5 cars has built up. They are hooting.

In front of these and squeezed behind them sits a pizza delivery scooter. The driver looks seriously stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Well, everyone’s hooting, so: so is he.

Unfolds the wrath of the dude that runs this town, or street, or at least this very moment:

Out comes the passenger, walks up to the scooter rider like John Wayne.

The air is quiet, time is tense: What on earth is this guy gonna do?

Without hesitation he strikes. A moment of shock.

The head of the scooter driver sways to the side and back.

Probably a pretty pointless act of violence since he is wearing a HELMET.

John Wayne most likely hurt his hand more than he managed to dish out.

Is that why no-one is doing anything?

The ship of a car moves on. So does the scooter. And all the rest.


Well then: Traffic is flowing again.

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