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Rattie Poeksie is giving MJ a kiss. – Does this look like these two remember each other?


Can rats recognise each other?

Out of the three daughters Mimi Von der Strasse had, MJ was the most independent. Pippa was a bit boisterous and Siri was too tiny. So we gave MJ to a friend, and it was good.

Of course we all missed MJ, so when the opportunity arose to take her back we gladly said yes.

With Mimi being a proper wild rat, I was told to be careful – she might not recognise MJ and see her as an invader to a clan, maybe even attacking her.

Mimi is of a rough sort, so I was wary when reintroducing MJ back to her clan.

But any worries were unnecessary: Mimi was the sweetest when she was welcoming back her daughter MJ.

That’s because rats recognise each other ‬by their smell.


As I’m #RatSitting, some of MJ’s rattie friends are returning.

Poeksie had stayed with her before, as we thought those two were a good match. But who knows how nature works, it wasn’t fruitful. They had stayed a good while with each other and became a couple.


Can rats remember each other?

A study about spatial memory suggests that rats can remember events from the past.


#RattieSitting during the holidays means there are different rattie families here at the same time.

So I get to see how MJ interacts with them:

With Louna and Peaches she has the usual rivalry, with Louna because both are alpha females, and with Peaches, because Peaches likes Poeksie, but Poeksie likes MJ.

Yes, Poeksie prefers MJ over Peaches, even though Peaches is making advances, and MJ is not.

In the beginning Poeksie was a bit over excited with MJ, but she knows how to put him in place. And he’s all gentleman, she just needs to squeak and he understands that he was too rough and withdraws.

But it was right away clear, that MJ remembered Poeksie: With Louna’s clan, including Zeus and Felix whom she’d not met before, she was generally hostile through the cage bars. (That’s because Louna’s challenging her all the time, even though she’s only half her size.)

With Poeksie however, she’d just smell him, and actually followed him, as far as her cage would let her.

So after a week of accustoming through cage bars, Poeksie moved with his rattie house and food bowls into MJ’s cage.

There was a bit of squeaking, but after a day I was surprised to see that MJ had moved into Poeksie’s rattie house!

No more squeaking, these two are the cutest little couple ever. They are just together, in complete harmony. They cuddle like yin and yang, they go do their own things, then they cuddle some more. It’s incredibly adorable.

So do they remember each other?
You tell me: #RatSitting: MJ and Poeksie hit it off like bosom buddies. 🙂 




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