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#RatSitting: Sometimes it can be so easy to please the ratties: Every rat loves to munch on salad! 🙂

But: The rule is to only ever feed the ratties in their cage. That way it never gets messy and when they get so used to the routine, they’ll bring whatever treasure they might manage to steal back to the cage.

As I put the salad into their cage, they come to me. Because I have the salad. But I want them in the cage.

So clever me thinks I show them the salad and let them climb up my hand, then they can go together with the salad into the cage.

Works perfectly well with Zeus: I wave the salad in front of him and when I don’t give it to him, he understands he must come and fetch it. But climbing onto my hand? He’s not sure yet. So I hold the salad in the other hand and offer him to climb on my free hand and he accepts and gets the salad and with it into the cage.

Smug me comments on it and proudly says to Felix: “You see, Zeus is in the cage now, because I actually trick……”

“… tricked you.” I wanted to say, but cleverer Felix leans over as if to climb onto my hand and instead snaps the salad out of my other hand!

It happens so quickly that by the time I realise, he’s already a few jumps away.

But he and I know it was only a taster, a teaser really, there’s more salad, more salad to come and get, and he stays close by.

So I pick him up and put him into the cage with a whole salad leaf, but as soon as he’s in, the salad doesn’t interest him anymore: More important than food, is adventure!

And off he goes to the next funny rattie story. 🙂


Watch MJ munching on a salad leaf, it’s just so cute:




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