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Can rats recognise you?


Every rattie owner will clearly say: “Yes, of course!”

But it’s also a very interesting experience to be clearly not recognised as the person expected:


As I’m #RattieSitting I get to meet a lot of amazing pet rats. Now that I’m welcoming them back, it’s interesting to see how the interaction unfolds.

At the same time I’m having to deal with their humans, who are missing them sorely. 😉


Do the ratties miss their owners too?


It is clear that rats recognise their owner, as they respond when called:


So rats do not only recognise their human, they also remember them.


And that’s why when Poeksie came up to me all happy go lucky, he all of a sudden stopped in mid-stride, checked, and in a kind of offish way turned around to look for the person he had expected.

I’d say that’s him missing his owner. 🙂



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