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'123456' and 'password' once again top the list of the 2015 Worst Passwords.

‘123456’ and ‘password’ top the list of 2015 Worst Passwords.


How original is your password?

While some might see this as a mindless task or scary security issue, most of us are frighteningly predictable:

SplashData’s ‘Worst Passwords List‘ for 2015 shows people continue putting themselves at risk with “123456” and “password” once again on top of the list.


How often do you type your password?

Here’s a little mindfulness exercise: Count how many times you log in with your password every day.

If you’ve set your computer to automatically lock when idle, you know how this can add up throughout the working hours.


Why not make your password something inspiring?

So why not make it something uplifting? With such frequency you can make it your mantra. Throw in some numbers and symbols or write it in slang and abbreviations for security. Just make sure the message remains.

And yes, this better be a short one to fit within the character restriction, but that can help you narrow down what is important to you in your life.

And with the regular frequency of having to update your password you get to refresh this outlook every time and re-evaluate what matters to you.


Tip: Make your password something unique and empowering! 🙂

And most importantly, make your password secure! 😀



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