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In this photo we see two stairs. Well, counting the steps of a staircase should be easy enough?

In this photo we count two stairs. Well, this looks easy enough?


Counting stairs should be a straight-forward thing, right?

Well, try building them and all of a sudden even this can get complicated.

The confusion happens around the landing, which can be forgotten to count as a step.


How to count stairs

1) To make life easier, always count stairs from the bottom up: Stand on the ground floor in front of the staircase.

2) Now, every time you lift your foot to place it on a step, counts as one stair. So, the first step you take places your foot on the first stair.

3) This includes getting onto the landing at the top of the staircase. So, the last step up onto the landing is the last stair to count.


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