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Bad idea: Not only is this washing machine noisy in an open plan kitchen / living room space, it's also sitting on cheap laminate that just looks ugly very quickly.

Bad idea: Not only is this washing machine noisy in an open plan kitchen / living area, it’s also sitting on cheap laminate that looks ugly very quickly if there’s any leakage.


In most cases’ scenario, you move into your new home and have little option where to put your washing machine, as the connection points are already provided.

However, when you build your own house, you get to build around wherever you want to put your washing machine.

But with great power comes great responsibility, or, in our case, with many choices come many decisions.

So where is the best place to put your washing machine?


Washing machines pose two nuisances:

1. Noise

Less than 50 decibels indicates a quiet machine. But during spinning, it can go up to 80 decibels. That’s the noise level of city traffic or a vacuum cleaner.

So, unless you’re into white noise, you better prevent your washing machine from spinning noisily.

2. Leakage

Maintained right, water leakage should not occur. But then there’s Murphy’s Law: What can go wrong will go wrong.

So, unless you love watching the washing machine, you better prepare for and prevent any possible leakages.


These two factors leave for me only one logical conclusion:

The bathroom.

Even in an open plan house the bathroom is behind closed doors and since we’re most likely to be least often in the bathroom, a noisy washing machine is of no bother there.

A bathroom is generally tiled and thus equipped for water overflows.

Often houses have the washing machine in the kitchen. This is understandable if the bathroom cannot accommodate it, e.g. because it’s too small.

But our washing machine will sit in the downstairs bathroom, built-in so it’s proper silent at all times. Enclosed in tiles, so no leakage can come as a bad surprise.

There you go: a washing machine hassle free home. 🙂


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