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Our entrance steps are 300mm deep. Testing them with different sized feet. :)

Our entrance step is 300mm deep. Testing with different sized feet. 🙂

Thanks to my bad knee I developed a mild form of climacophobia, the fear of climbing stairs.

Any dodgy looking free floating staircase and I immediately freeze, knowing my knee can’t be relied upon to master any slippery slope.

So now that we’re building our own house, we get to define our own staircase, too and I’m wondering: What is the ideal spec for stairs?

I know from our structural engineer the standard spec according to the South African Building Regulations:
Depth: 250mm – the width of treads must be at least 250mm
Height: 200mm – single step risers shouldn’t be more than 200mm

But with only a depth of 25cm, already a shoe size bigger than 6 / 39 doesn’t fit flat on the step. So our plans suggest 300mm deep steps.

I guess I’ll have to be more conscious about climbing stairs and take note of those I prefer most.

What’s your favourite staircase? And what size are those steps?


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