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Heat loss around the house without and with insulation: Gaps around doors and windows 25%, Walls 25%, Floor 15%, Windows 15%, Roof 25%.

Heat loss around the house without and with insulation.


Why insulation?

It might be law!
In South Africa the ‘SANS 10400-XA (2011): Energy usage in buildings’ lists quite some specific insulation requirements.

It saves you money …in the long run.
So your energy bills won’t be literally going through the roof, invest in insulation and save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs.

It’s green.
Installing insulation saves energy and thus reduces your carbon footprint.

It keeps you comfy.
Insulation doesn’t just keep you warm, it can also keep the noise out.

It adds security.
Modern double glazed windows are difficult for break-ins, hopefully deterring any attempts.



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