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Rattie mousie Pippa is recovering well from her operation.

Rattie mousie Pippa is recovering well from her operation.

It was very close: Pippa has a history of lumps removals, so we watch her carefully. But this time she had a tumour growing internally, undetected until it popped into visibility and ballooned into the size of a golf ball.

Yes, picture rat < picture golf ball. That’s a big lump to deal with.

Lucky for us we found the bestest rat doctor: Dr Anneke at the PDSA.

Not many vets dare to treat a rat, let alone operate. The anaesthesia already is very tricky to administer to such a tiny animal: Rats have a very high metabolism and their body processes things quickly. To give them an anaesthetic is a balancing act between waking up too early or not at all.

And then everything is of course very small. I hear vets sometimes talk as if cats and dogs were crude in comparison to the intricate little bodies of rats. Some shy away, some take it as a challenge.

Pippa’s tumour was certainly a challenge. I got a call warning me that if the growth had spread too far into and around the internal organs, Pippa will have to be put to sleep.

Fortunately Dr Anneke managed to not only cut the invasive tissue clean off, but also to not harm the healthy parts of Pippa.

We watched out if Pippa can go properly to the toilet to confirm all her internal organs are still intact.

After the operation Pippa showed no further signs of discomfort. On the contrary: She’s very active, as explorative as ever, nothings stops her. She’s picky with foods, but drinks and eats well, and her digestion seems to be going just as well.

We’re just glad that we have some more time with her and that she’s such a brave little munchkin. 🙂

If you need help with your pet’s health, why not support The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals?


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