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Success! We found a beautifully restored Oregon Pine Heritage Sash Window! :)

Window shopping the literal way: Finally we found a beautifully restored Heritage Sash Window! 🙂

Buying a heritage house (all buildings over 60 years old) means anything you touch must be restored to its original.

Unfortunately a lot of the heritage components of our house got lost and brutally replaced with some ill-fitting windows, doors and flooring.

So now that we are renovating, we need to find original victorian windows and doors. Where do you get 100 year old windows and doors from?

We were lucky with these businesses who were able to help us:

Tique specialises in the architectural salvage and restoration of wooden fixtures from the Cape Dutch and Victorian eras – doors, windows and shutters in particular.

Strippers has vast expertise in restoring hand-carved furniture, revitalising the expert workmanship of religious statues, as well as restoring large solid wooden gates, doors and windows.

Ross Demolition‘s salvage warehouses offer exceptional-quality window frames, doors, flooring, lintels, kitchen counters and other treasures salvaged from homes around the country.

You can also go on a bargain hunt yourself and check out the City of Cape Town’s 24 recycling and waste drop-off sitesOne man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 🙂


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