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The local kids are having fun exploring our heritage site.

Doing the grand tour through our house, showing the kids what it looks like during renovation.

When the local kids came to play in front of our house with the sand we had been delivered for our heritage renovation I couldn’t help but playing along.

This ended in us taking a grand tour through the building, which is more construction site than house at the moment.

The workers had left for the day and the tools had been stored away. But just to make sure, we played the game: Don’t touch anything! 😉

As I’m busy documenting the progress of the restorations, I took some photos along the way.

In this picture my new friends had some fun jumping about. I just love the energy of it. 🙂

Our neighbours' kids are having so much fun, it's great to be kids!

It’s great to be kids! Having fun and being happy for no apparent reason. 🙂



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