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Every little helps: Sharing my latest renovation challenge of finding a heritage window led to Jake drawing me a map to a shop, which turns out to be Tique, that indeed offers what we need!

On the back of the Tribe Coffee menu: This map led me to success!

As a European, if I need to find out something I turn to the internet.

In South Africa, if you manage to overcome absurd hurdles such as:

  • Connection issues
  • Cost issues
  • Data issues
  • Speed issues

Then you’re faced with a Google search result of: very little. And then half of the information is outdated.

So, internet is often not really an option.

Instead, word of mouth rules.

You got to get up close and personal and hit the streets.

For our victorian house renovations I needed a heritage window. Just another item of my long list of ‘challenges for the day’: Where to get a 100 year old window?

I got on my bicycle and rode down the road, popping into every shop that I thought might stock or know where to get what I need.

I learned a great deal about renovations, wood, heritage, styles. It was like a big puzzle where you first had to uncover the puzzle pieces. With every person I talked to another blank got filled in, somewhat completing a bigger picture.

I also learned that the craftsmanship of working with wood is literally dying out. So even if I do find a window, who is around to restore it?

It was only with a little luck that I got the info I was after:

After a meeting at Tribe Coffee, Jake greeted me with his friendly ‘How are you?’ and I told him about my quest, searching like a detective for a victorian window.

He knew a shop, but not the name of it, so he drew me the map in the picture above.

And indeed it led me to success!

The X marks The Junction Hotel, in which Tique has set up shop. If you like antiques, but like, the real stuff, then this is a place to visit. They had exactly the victorian window we needed, beautifully restored to its original look.

So, get out there and talk to people, you never know where help might come from. 🙂


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