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The column falls!

As the third column falls, it is only the beam across on top that holds the columns up.

Over night our beam got stolen.

It’s not just that it’s ours and can we please just keep our things, thank you very much.

And it’s not that we have to keep it and restore it, because our house is heritage and every piece of original wood helps.

And it’s not that by taking away the beam there was a significant risk that the column, which it stabilised, could have fallen and now we glance up at it every day and pray it holds up.

No, it actually is the person who buys this piece of wood. Without a buyer, there wouldn’t be this petty crime.

So my husband went from shop to shop until he found the beam. They had paid R150 for it. Which goes at a loss for the shop now, as the least they can do is give back the stolen goods.

Two entrances and no beam

Seeing double: As the entrance door moves forward to give more space to the front room, we’ve got two doors now! Oh yes, and notice the missing beam?



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