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Yours *TrulyJuly*

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I Cycle To Commute - #CycleToCommute

I #CycleToCommute












Come rain, come shine –
There’s no dispute:
I cycle to commute.

I’m leaving my abode, hitting the road,
On my way to work- for me this is a perk.

I’m on the go, I’m in the flow.
The traffic light is green –
Cars are driving badly, I’m cycling in between;
The traffic light is red –
Cars from the other side haven’t started yet.
I make it still and go up the hill.

Table mountain looms high,
Above me the blue sky.
The sun is not shy;
And as traffic passes by,
For a moment I close one eye
And feel like I fly.

After exercise like this, life is bliss!
I can’t help but smile – this is my lifestyle.


But it’s not always as sweet as honey,
As I’m about to find out on my return journey:

Past swooshes a 4×4!
I push the pedal and speed up some more!
I catch up and I shout:
“Oi dude, it’s 1.5 metres I’m allowed!”
The dude just drives off,
“Fine then, drive like a moron,” I scoff.

The next one cutting me off rough
Is a minibus taxi, being all tough.
As he pulls in, a tirade of complaints is hitting him.
How many more times must I repeat: “It’s 1.5 metres I need!”
He stares at me in disbelief, as I show him my grief!

I better speed up, as I know he’ll catch up,
It’s the pain of this game: We’ll definitely meet again.

And here he comes! It sounds like tons
Roaring behind me, but he just passes by me.
Out leans the marshal like proper security staff,
Asking: “Is this distance enough?”
“Yes, thank you!” I laugh.


I turn the corner and continue further.
I’m in my hood –
Immediately the stress is lifted and all is good;
I’m almost home –
I feel so elevated I want to write a poem!
About how I played it and once again made it.

I breathe in deeply and relax completely,
Rather take it easy and arrive safely.

I carry on in a slow pace, forgotten is the rat race.
And I conclude:
I cycle to commute.


Yours *TrulyJuly* 🙂



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