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The Google doodle on Final Whistle of Germany versus Brazil game

The Internet Reacts To Brazil’s World Cup Defeat: The Google doodle on Final Whistle of Germany versus Brazil game

There are those few moments when it’s nice to be German:

When Germany stood up to USA to not get bullied into an illegal war.

When Germany became number  one solar power producer in the world.

When Germany introduced the third gender.

And when Germany kicked ass against Brazil.

I like Brazil, but not so much in this World Cup: They clearly enjoyed an incredible lot of favouring the host nation.

But I too think the host nation deserves a good run and a great celebration.

So I was in two minds about this game: German nationalism versus party vibes in Brazil?

Well, it turned out to be nationalism, as Germany kicked ass. It was just so unbelievable. Germany, the relentless Mannschaft stomping over the field in a tactically masterminded formation beat Brazil, the always dancing, always charming happy go lucky with a touch of we-learnt-football-on-the-streets Pentacampeões. What a spectacle.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, may I kindly ask to refrain from well-wishes that include any ‘Germany uber alles’ references. This is the banned anthem, a Nazi relict, which should stay where it belongs: In the very dark and sinister past.

And also, before we get excited about Germany potentially becoming world champions, may I just mention that the German women’s national football team won two consecutive World Cup titles recently, but this is hardly ever in the news.

So, nationalism and sexism – oh and did I forget to mention corruption – aside, as a World Cup fan I too shall join the next ‘Rudelgucken’ (Public Viewing) true to the Brazil 2014 World Cup slogan: All in one rhythm.




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