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As cute as it looks, the burning question remains: What was rattie Siri busy doing in our couch?


Pet rats are very easy to keep: They don’t need to be walked or exercised, they don’t need much space and they are easy to feed as they have nutritional requirements pretty similar to humans.

But, like any other pet, rats require time and attention:

Rats love to roam and explore, they go on quests and rummage. It is fun to watch them.


However, from a rat’s perspective your space is their space, and that can cause some conflicts:

– Rats have ever-growing teeth and need to gnaw or grind them regularly. Make sure it’s not your favourite object that falls prey to this foraging behaviour.

– Rats love to build nests and have the perfect shredder mechanism. Their razor-sharp incisors will go through your couch / curtains / bedding like butter.

– Rats are scavengers and hoarders. That means whatever dirty secrets you have hidden beneath the couch, they will find it, and keep it.

– Rats are opportunists and curious to the ‘killed the cat’ level. Coupled with a determination that would leave the Terminator taken aback, they will get to that place that you thought they’d never reach. So prepare. For ALL eventualities.


Coming up next: How to ratproof your home. 🙂


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