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Bad politicians are elected by good people who don't vote.

Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote.


The recent Brexit fiasco proves that voting is to be taken seriously: People voted the UK out of the EU out of spite, not actually considering the consequences of leaving the European Union. Already on the day the election results were announced, #BrexitRegret swept the British nation. Now it’s still being discussed if Brexit is actually feasible.

This shows what many of us seem to forget:


Democracy is a responsibility, not just a right!

That means it is our duty to be an informed citizen, who has done their research, discussed and formed an opinion and came to a logical conclusion which voting result would be the best for the nation. Your vote determines the future of your country!


3 reasons why you should vote


1. Voting is part of your democratic duties

Others have died or suffered greatly in the fight for the right to vote. Honour them by casting your vote!

Not voting means you are barring yourself from your democratic rights – you’re giving up your chance to influence your country’s future.

There’s no point in moaning about the government unless you do something about it by voting accordingly.


2. Not voting does not count

When you don’t vote you let others decide on who will run your country.

The least you can do to express your frustration is by crossing out the entire ballot and thus officially documenting your refusal to vote. Unfortunately though this only makes your vote invalid and has no influence on the election outcome.

If you don’t know who to vote for, you can rather vote for an acceptable underdog to show the big parties they have to do a better job to earn your vote.


3. Vote because others can’t

There are groups of people who have no access or no permission to vote.

Think about why the government would exclude certain people from voting. For example:

– The 2016 US election registration process unnecessarily excludes poor citizens in general, and poor minorities in particular.

– Before 1996 also non-citizens could earn the right to vote in South Africa. But since 1996 no law provides voting rights for non-SA-citizens.

There is politics at play here, making sure the people who would vote against the current government don’t even get the chance.

If you’re on the electoral register, you have been granted the privilege by the government to make your vote count. Use it to change things for the better!


Updated August 2016.

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