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What’s left of our tyre thanks to the R355…


  • Know your way.

You don’t want to take a wrong turn. Make sure you have maps and directions at hand.

  • Slow down for oncoming traffic.

Depending on size and speed of the oncoming vehicle and the wind direction you might find yourself engulfed in dust with instant zero visibility.

  • Slow down for upcoming traffic.

If someone wants to overtake you, let them. Give them plenty of space and slow down: In return for your courtesy you’ll hit a wall of dust.

  • Have your car in tip top shape.

This is like an endurance race for your car. Give it a good try by having it serviced and geared up accordingly.

  • Have a tyre repair kit ready.

Two spare tyres (yes, at least two), car jack, tyre foam, and whatever tools it takes.

  • Don’t overload.

Find out what your car can carry. Adjust the tyre pressure accordingly.

  • Keep your car balanced.

Balance the weight right, so it sits evenly on all four tyres. Consider a roof rack rather than loading everything into the back.

  • Don’t adjust the pressure of your tyre.

The first time around we had received the tip to let air out of the tyres and it worked.

But according to Outbackjoe’s Tyre Pressure Guide this increases sidewall bulge and so exposes the tyre to potential damage by grinding and slicing across the side of obstacles protruding from the road or track.

And that is exactly what happened to us the second time around: The tyre got shredded into strings of loosely hanging, sparsely clinging together strips.

The potholes are especially tyre munching: The tyre doesn’t just plunge into the hole. It gets cut along the side by a harsh edge, razor sharp as if the stones are aligned around the pothole like teeth.

So be warned: Don’t underestimate the R355 and take it easy! Make the journey part of your experience, drive slowly, take in the view, watch out for the welcome signs, have a good time!

(But not too good: Beware the police check!)



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