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Very happy to see our very flappy tyre again!


In 2013 we cruised the R355 in a breeze. But 2014, we were in for a surprise (or two).

Don’t dismiss warnings about this track eating tyres for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack in between. This road is not to be underestimated.

We were prepared of course: Spare tyre and tyre foam.

So when the first tyre blew we were taken aback, but all set and ready to quickly replace it.

Yes, you read right: When the first tyre blew. That means: We had two flat tyres!

While the first tyre hung in shreds off the rim, with the second flat tyre we had more luck: It was a slow puncture close to the AfrikaBurn gates.

A quick fix with the tyre foam allowed us to just about make it to our camp! It was like our car got there on its last breath, or well, rubber.

So we made it safe and sound to our campsite, but now had to prepare for the return journey and needed to fix those two screwed tyres. That’s when we realised we had lost one! The spare tyre had gotten loose and must have fallen off along the way.

To our biggest amazement the good AfrikaBurn spirit worked out: Our lost tyre story had made the rounds and on the next day already it was returned in all its shredded glory.

This meant we could get our tyres fixed at the tyre shop which gave us a chance to make it home.

So remember: Take it easy! Drive slowly, keep your distance and take in the view. Enjoy the journey!

And: Read the Tips to survive the drive on the R355 to AfrikaBurn.



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