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 God: “But I’m omnipresent.” Angel: “Apparently it’s not enough anymore – nowadays you’ve got to have website as well.”

Like seriously: Do you?

With home page visitors declining and from what is left, a third coming from social media, plus websites being still unavailable to the majority in the world and inaccessible to many:

Do you really need a website?

To facilitate the decision process, here is a brief list of questions that help you define if and what website you need – Ask yourself:

  • Do I have something to say?

If you struggle with the answer, perform a Content Audit to learn about your content expertise and content gaps.

  • Do I know how to say it?

An online brochure is not a brochure that was put online.
There are best practices for web writing and online content.

  • Can I reduce business processes?

If you get asked the same questions again and again and again, you might want to compile an FAQ page.

If you are tired of emailing the same information over and over and over again, you might want to make it available online and have order form, downloadable PDFs, map / directions and such on your website.

If there is a standard procedure of filling in an application form, you can put it online and save yourself a lot of time by letting your customer do all the typing.

  • Are my customers online?

If you want to be customer-centric you need to reach out to them in the way they prefer. The standard response to most questions nowadays is: Google it! Only if you have a website, can you get found.

  • Can I maintain it?

Like with most things: It’s not just about having one. It then needs to be looked after. Information can get outdated, teams / services / products change, news need to be updated.

Do you have internal resources who are keen to test their techie knowledge? Can you set aside a budget? Don’t worry, there are even free options for having a website. If you have the money, but not the time, you can go with a fully outsourced website maintenance package for a no-hassle option. You need to be dedicated to your website in some way.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then congratulations: You are in need of a website! 🙂

Coming Up Next: Guidelines for choosing an online presence.

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