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Dear Facebook, more 'invite all' buttons please.

Dear Facebook, more ‘invite all’ buttons please.

Why does Facebook offer lists to sort all your friends in?

But when it comes to inviting friends to an event you have to select them one by one?

This is where those lists could come in real handy. Why isn’t it possible to just select a friends list and tick all of them in one go? Where is the ‘invite all members’ button for this?

Facebook has nothing really to say about this topic:

However, it is possible to invite your entire group to an event:

So the functionality is there, maybe Facebook is just withholding it for paid for services only…

Anyhow, this site: offers a quick hack that works.

So no more click, click, click, click, click, cl… almost click, click again, click, scroll, and repeat. 😉


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