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Davines ‘more inside’ Product Launch Cape Town at The Fugard Theatre with Tamara Dey.


I’m not a model. But every now and then I get a glimpse behind the scene. Here is what I learned from just one day:  


Modelling requires a certain body type

If you don’t naturally have it, it can be stressful to achieve it. Even though we’ve gone corporate with the inner beauty concept it is still nowhere to be seen on the catwalk. Most models look like boys. Why don’t they just use boys in the first place?

You need to be photogenic

Real life beauty does not always translate to good 2D high gloss looks. Plain more mousy types can often end up looking splendid in every photo. You can maybe practice your Facebook smile in front of the mirror so you don’t have to be embarrassed when tagged, but being photogenic has to do with angles and shapes of your face and body. Practice to be photogenic to see if you can look good in photos.

You must love high heels

To the point that you sleep in them. Literally. You must be confident to walk in high heels and that includes awkward steps, stand in them for long periods of time and dance or do other interesting actions in them – you never know what the creatives come up with. But most likely it involves killer heels which turns simple walking into an art form.

Hurry up and wait

There’s a lot of rush and adrenaline and then it flops into long, dull and – depending on your shoot – hot or itchy or painful or cold times of waiting. If you get grumpy you’re not a good team player. You’ll quickly have to learn patience.

You need to like being made a fuss about

And not necessarily in a nice way. Often there is no time, tasks are rushed and it is the model that gets to feel it. From hair being pulled to eyes being poked, you never know just what is going to happen to your body. It helps if you know your styling, as you might end up having to do it yourself – there seems to be a constant shortage of make-up and hair styling artists.

You need to know how to move your body

And then freeze it until the picture’s taken. You need to be honest with yourself and know your best features and how to present them well. This applies to your body and your face: Know your most flattering angle, which pose suits you best and a bit of sex appeal helps too.


You might not fit the high fashion model spec. Luckily there are different types of modelling jobs of which one will hopefully suit you. Otherwise you can always create your own niche.

See the photos of Davines Sustainable Beauty ‘more inside’ Product Launch Cape Town



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