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How to teach yourself 10 fingers typing - On Screen Keyboard

How to teach yourself 10 fingers typing – On Screen Keyboard

I’m surprised when I still see people typing with 2 fingers in the hunt and peck style.

I’m also amazed how fast they’re typing. While this might help when typing on miniature virtual keyboards of mobiles and tablets, it cannot compete with the speed of 10 fingers typing.

There are courses you can do such as these:

But what it essentially takes is sheer discipline: the discipline not to look down.

You can look at the keyboard, as long as it’s displayed on your screen.

On Windows open the ‘On-Screen Keyboard‘: click the ‘Start button’, click ‘All Programs’, click ‘Accessories’, click ‘Ease of Access’, select the ‘On-Screen Keyboard’.

Mac offers a ‘Keyboard Viewer‘: in ‘System Preferences’ click on ‘Keyboard’, select the ‘Keyboard’ tab, tick the box next to ‘Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in menu bar’, in the newly visible Keyboard menu choose ‘Show Keyboard Viewer’. is an online version which also shows how to place your fingers on the correct keys. It highlights the keys you press, so you can easily find the right key without having to look down on your fingers.

Some courses say you have to learn the key sequence by heart. I never did that and could not recite it to you. Yet I still type fast. I simply felt my way around: I searched for the 2 keys you place your index fingers on and then I stared at the screen, trying out the buttons until I hit the right key. This felt more like a game to me (memory to be precise) and it sped up the learning process.

Gamification can be a great way to combat the temptation to give up. Here are some fun games to type:

There will be an agonising phase where you get restless with this tedious process and many excuses to look at your hands while you quickly get this or that out of the way will come along.


Just don’t look down. – It can be hard to break this habit.

But once you do, you are free to type without unnoticed spelling mistakes or cursors jumping and you’re actually typing into thin air. You can talk AND look at someone, you can even watch TV while typing. You can instantly type faster and get your thoughts into words in real time.

If you are learning how to touch type from scratch, do yourself a favour: The qwerty keyboard is not the most intuitively designed, apparently the Dvorak keyboard is much more practical.

Try your typing skills with this Typing Test:

Typing Test

If you’re a super profi at touch typing, you can still extend your skills by including keyboard shortcuts and the number keypad.

And if you’re all typed out, watch how exciting typing can be as in this David Letterman show from 1985.


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