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Rats are naturally housetrained

Rats are naturally housetrained
How did she know the egg cartons are intended as a rattie toilet?

Day 2 of my wild rat experience and I don’t get to see a glimpse of her. She sits in her little box, quite relaxed. I give her peanuts.

She has been about at night though. There is popcorn all over the place – does that mean she likes it or she doesn’t? And she somehow figured out how to use the toilet.

I normally use small plastic trays with cat litter for the rattie toilet. With a wild rat I wasn’t sure if that’s a good idea: One crazy run through the cage and the cat litter is everywhere but in the tray.

So I put down egg packaging cardboard where all the rat poop drops into the carton cups. And she used it!

Soon I can exchange it with a litter box and housetrain her.

Read all about How to housetrain your pet rat here:


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