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myspace logo-BracketSo, MySpace. What’s the story. We have been asking for a while.

MySpace was one of my earliest social media networks. Okay, it’s all about music. It’s still social media. I had my blog on there, you could describe your mood with a funny smiley. I connected loosely with people and was open to new connections if we shared a common interest in music. People posted interesting photos. It really had it all.

And then came Facebook. All of a sudden MySpace was forgotten. I also turned my back on Myspace, maybe I was just too busy checking out this Facebook.

I return relatively frequently to MySpace, as it contains my music library. At work I enjoy listening to music and on MySpace I collect all my favourite bands and musicians. So it gives me inspiration what to listen to. Like a quick visual overview of the music styles I like. And then I can listen to it right there and create my own playlists. Nice.

Until I log in and find myself on the ‘new’ MySpace. And, oh, catastrophe! None of my info is on there. Where has it gone? My first panicked thought.

When I finally realise: The old stuff is still there, just on what has now become the ‘old’ MySpace.

Now every time I want to get to my music, I have to choose. As my ‘new’ MySpace is linked to my Facebook, I have some stuff on there too now. So I really have to decide and think about what I posted where and for what purpose I want to be on MySpace now.


Just merge the two and be done with it.


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