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Puppy Lola's first bath and already with anti-flea shampoo! But better safe than sorry.

Lola’s first bath and already with anti-flea shampoo! But better safe than sorry.


It happens to the best of us: Your pet picks up fleas from outdoors / visitors… – and I say ‘us’, because it is me who gets bitten!

Once the fleas made it onto your pet and into your home, it’s tricky to get rid of them.

So here some tips how to prevent fleas in the first place, naturally, without chemicals:


The best care is prevention


1) Repel them

If fleas repel you then here’s your chance to fight back: Make your pets repelling to fleas from the inside out by feeding them garlic / apple cider vinegar / Brewer’s Yeast.


2) Deter them

Keep fleas at bay and benefit from it at the same time, it couldn’t be easier: Fleas really can’t stand strong essential oils. Dab drops of diluted Lavender / Lemon / Cedar / Eucalyptus / Peppermint Essential Oil on collars, clothes, furniture, or make natural flea remedies.


3) Dehydrate them

Revenge can be sweet knowing those fleas are shrivelling away because you sprinkled a bit of salt around your furniture and carpets and blankets after vacuuming them.


4) Come clean with them

A clean environment makes it difficult for any vermin to settle. If you need motivation to clean, just think of all the creepy crawlies that are having a party behind the couch in your honour.

Spritz Lemon Spray, use a Flea Comb and do a Rosemary Wash on your pet, and the fleas will flee.


5) Give them a change of scenery

Turn your outside space into a naturally flea-free zone: Plant Peppermint / Lavender / Citronella /  Marigold.

Trim your lawn and shrubs, keep it airy and light, the opposite of what any type of vermin would like. Don’t leave pet food out and close off potential entry points for feral or wild animals.



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