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Before you publish a page or post on WordPress, quickly go through this checklist.

Before you publish a page or post on WordPress, quickly go through this checklist.


1. Customise your WordPress

– Tick all under ‘Screen Options’ to see all your options.


2. Update your Author’s Profile

– Fill in your profile with a professional picture and effective biography.


3. Content Preparation

– Follow the Naming Convention

– Protect for online use

– Optimise for web / mobile / devices: images, video, copy

– Ensure accessibility


4. Avoid duplicates

– Search your title to check if someone else has already loaded this article.

– Check the media library to not upload the same or a similar content twice.

– Don’t clutter: Publish or delete drafts.


5. Add a new post

1) Headline: 5 to 10 words, under 50 characters (including spaces)

2) Body copy: KISS (Keep It Short & Simple)

– You can paste directly from Word and keep the formatting.

– Preview and format for readability.

– Insert additional images / videos into post: Place your cursor where you want the content to appear in the body copy and click on ‘Add Media’.

– Embed links into post: Highlight the text you want to turn into a link and click on ‘Insert/ edit link’ and copy and paste the url. Remember to tick ‘Open link in a new tab’.

– Schedule your post: Click ‘Edit’ on ‘Publish immediately’ and set date and time.


6. Feature image

– Add Alt tag: 1 sentence description what this image shows.

– SEO optimisation: Fill in ‘Title’, ‘Alternate Text’, ‘Caption’ and ‘Description’.


7. Category

– Help your readers find interesting content by posting yours in the relevant category.


8. Tags

– Copy and paste most relevant keywords and add as tags for search results.


9. Excerpt

– Without an excerpt your article won’t display an intro and entice readers to click on it.

– Sell your article: 1 sentence description of what this article is about.


10. Customise url

– Shorten slug to 1 to 3 words, try to keep it under 10 characters.


11. Check the looks

– Look professional and generate credibility: Check the spelling. Check punctuation. Remove double spaces. Add space between colon and next word. Create a quality piece of content.




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