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Full moon over Cape Town's harbour.

Full moon over Cape Town's harbour.

So it’s February, summer’s here, hot days and nights, no wind. And full moon coming up.

Perfect time to go up Lion’s Head for that famous full moon hike. So we thought.

Already the drive there gave an indication of traffic. Even though we took a zing zang to and fro left right around the corner up and down all the way along the back roads route. Still we got stuck coming up the hill. Nevertheless we turned right into Signal Hill Road and seeing the parked cars piled up on both sides of the road just kept on going, right past the path leading up Lion’s Head.

A sharp turn left up a dirt road lead us to a no-parking parking lot and as we took a quick look we stumbled across one of the best views in Cape town: To the left Lion’s Head, to the right Signal Hill and straight ahead a stunning sunset over the sea, nestled in front the white buildings of Sea Point. Looking back the moon was rising – what I find particularly beautiful about the moon in South Africa is that it looks like there’s a rabbit and not a man in the moon.

We also saw a queue of people not moving at all along the side of Lion’s Head. And we saw some of the headlights coming on. So while we were not part of the hike itself, we actually had one of the prettiest views of it. Like a giant fairy lights chain curling around Lion’s Head those dangling and dancing torches against the towering grey mountain peak were quite a sight.

Although, some of them went in the wrong direction: Of course, a number of people had given up on the long wait and walked back down. Uh, the traffic! it shot through our heads: we’d better make a move before everyone wants to return. But, too late already – we got stuck, as the road had turned into a one way street with parked cars blocking the driveway on both sides.

The police was in the middle of it, but not doing much. In the end it was me and another girl who took the initiative to direct cars back and forth and guide them into parking gaps to clear the road. Half an hour later we finally got a move on, even if slowly as Kloof Nek Road was jammed too. Tonight just the drive up Signal Hill Road and back had taken us longer than actually climbing Lion’s Head up and down.

And that’s how one of the police men concluded this crowdy crazy night:

“It’s always like this for full moon. And tonight is not a full moon anyway, that’s tomorrow.

Tonight is fool’s moon.”


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