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LONDON FOR FREE – Private View ‘Equus’ by Tim Flach


What a beautiful day it was. When there’s sun in London, there’s fun and everybody gets along.

After a very relaxed and easy afternoon with a bottle of rosé on ice to share in the park we headed to the opening of Tim Flach’s exhibition ‘Equus’. We arrived late and had missed him – pity, I’d loved a signed copy of his book, even though it’s – and surely worth every penny – 30 quid.

The photographs exhibited were not many but worth the large print – what kind of high resolution camera must he have used to get those extraordinary results on print, every single hair stood out like a beam, massive in its contrast to the background.

Tim Flach clearly likes the female form, as all the pictures he’d taken of horses portray that lovely round shape, making it almost sexy to look at. But it is the angle he chose that accentuates the holistic form of a horse. Those perfect curves and lines, the softness about horses.

The compositions are extraordinary, the section bringing parts of the horses closer to us we’d never really looked at before. Not in that way anyway. Tim Flach moves away from the standard portrait or side full body photography and presents us with excerpts. Like focusing only on the most brilliant parts of a masterpiece, just that in this case it’s about one of the most perfectly shaped animals in the world.

“From ass to zebra, it’s all horse”, he takes us through a journey of horsemanship with his book ‘Equus’. We were privileged enough to leaf through about half of it, until the gallery guard of ‘Osborne Samuel’ successfully put us off, by persistently telling us the book was worth £7,500 and we must treat it with care. It’s not that it costs 7,500 that makes it precious it’s the work that went in it. From Scandinavian horses to Mustangs, from donkeys to zebras encountering gnus, this is worth a lifetime of dedication.

Each shot perfect and yet, slightly different from what you’d have expected. Slightly off-key to create that effect of astonishment. Here a love for animals meets the expertise in handling the technical side of photography and lightning that explodes in art pieces that you can marvel at for hours or simply put up in your living room and enjoy the sight of a well-balanced addition to your interior design according to feng shui.

Even after the abrupt interruption of indulging in Tim Flach’s work I took his product with me and the journey back home seemed like a series of pictures I mentally took in my mind when passing by incredible architecture, immense history, intense culture or infamous London citizens on my way home. Every glance I took up from concentrating on the roads seemed to entail an arrangement worth taking a picture of.

If it was pompous buildings, strange viewpoints, fantastic contrasts or chav-looking school girls, it all had something to it that made me feel like it’s worth keeping my eyes open and really see what’s out there. Until a fire engine past by and cruelly snapped me out of my dreamy outlook on the world. Although, those blue flashy lights reflected in the glass building near by, breaking them like a prism, were quite mesmerising… 

Thank you Tim for giving us perspective!

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