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Mewsels was the bestest cuddle mouse. As all ratties are! :)

Mewsels was the bestest cuddle mouse. As all ratties are! 🙂


Every now and then a really special pet comes along. Of course, they are all special. But some are super special. 🙂

Mewsels was such a super special pet rat. She is still the source of many amazing anecdotes.

If you want to learn how incredibly caring and clever rats are, then read on:


I 100% trusted Mewsels, so she was a free-roaming pet rat with her cage always open. The cage was on a chest of drawers, which stood about half a meter away from my bed.

For a young rat easy to jump, but this story happened when Mewsels was an old lady:

One night, grandma Mewsels decided to get out of her cage and come to me.

This must have been a big effort for her, as rather than jump onto the bed, in her old age she wisely climbed onto the top of the radiator and balanced across it. Still, quite a feat.

I wasn’t aware of any of this, as I was sound asleep.

Until little Mewsels comes right up to my face and wakes me.

I, in my sleepiness, tell her off: She must leave me alone, ‘I want to sleep!’

But Mewsels doesn’t think so and persists on waking me.

And then it happened: The weirdest most unsettling strange feeling I had every experienced, somehow as if I had been surrounded by vibration that left me suspended above my bed.

I remember clearly thinking: ‘There better be an explanation for that or I’m officially going mad!’ Because I could not possibly explain what had just happened.

But it was still in the middle of the night and my sleep and after cuddling with Mewsels a bit and calming her down, I put her back in the cage and quickly fell asleep again.

The next morning I was greeted with the news: There had been an earthquake!

Earthquakes are very rare in Europe and this is still the only time I experienced one.

But what astounds me more:

Not only did Mewsels know the earthquake was coming quite ahead of time, she also decided to warn me.

She could’ve run away or hid away or froze. But she decided to go through the trouble of reaching me, and more challengingly: waking me.

And if something had happened, it would’ve been us together in this. Not that it wasn’t unsettling enough. And yes, focussing on Mewsels because of her unusual behaviour kept me occupied with something easier to deal with than my own paranoia.

That’s why I adore and love pet rats so much: They are so much more cleverer than we think. And they are so much more kinder and caring than many of us.

Rats make great pets.


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