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CRAZY LONDON – Lord of the Rings: A musical marathon


Lord of the Rings: A musical marathon

When I got an unbeatable offer to see Lord of the Rings in my email inbox from, I thought, yes, why not.

Only on the day of the show did it occur to me that I had no idea what this would actually be. Was it a theatre play? A musical? How on earth would it be possible to transfer Lord of the Rings into a live show?

Well, as it turned out, with a lot of time… 3 ½ hours! That’s what I call a musical marathon!

But it was well worth it.

The story was easier to understand than in the movie, yet it was more insightful.

The character’s motivation and personality came through much better.

The costumes were more elaborate and seemed more authentic. The characters were more portrayed like you’d imagined them, even after having seen the movie.

The special effects were astounding. From vanishing people to flying elves and swimming hobbits, from giant spiders and tree-tall tree herders to truly frightening dark riders and orcs, from storms to flames to snowdrifts to water streams – just like the rotating stage, you were taken on a spin through seasons, landscapes, ambiences.

The acting was capturing, the voices were beautiful (as long as they were singing!). The songs were invigorating – if it was that you felt like clapping along or if the build-up of the music left your ears tingling. 

Just towards the end the energy and pace of the show decreased. But I guess that is what happens at the end of every marathon.

What was missing however, was the run towards the finishing line. The final battle and the sad end of Frodo leaving the shire left everybody stuck with a bit of a down feeling. What would have helped is an encore of one of the light hearted songs at the very end.

So yes, as all of my writing here shows, you do compare it to the movie. And yes, it can stand up to it. The question is just if you can do, too, as 3 ½ hours of musical is not what everybody can sit through.

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