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CRAZY LONDON – Cycling home through the rain


Cycling home through the rain

Cycling home in the rainĀ is nothing pleasant you would think.

But doesn’t rain also have something magical about it?

Well, not at first, as this night I was surprised by the rain and after a quick think if it made sense to wait and cycle later I decided to brave the rain and the traffic.

Because, traffic is crazy in London. In the rain. (Well, when any kind of weather is happening that slightly varies from the norm of grey sky and dull daylight.)

When it rains it seems like people drive as if afraid of it. They either drive like they want to run away from it, or they drive so slowly, they get nowhere.

As a cyclist it’s tricky, everything is slippery and uncomfortable and somehow louder.

But then, with one turn, you’re out of it, away from the busy highway and gone into a nice little side road that feels almost peaceful.

With no traffic noise, the rain drops play a soft tune accompanied by the supple splash-splash of the wheels going through a puddle.

By now, my glasses are so wet, everything looks like through a kaleidoscope. Lights are dazzling and look like stars, not real stars, the stars you draw with five spikes. Everything is blurred, it’s dark and only the bright lights stand out.

The rain rolls like pearls down my cheeks. I know my hair is wet, but it doesn’t bother me. My trousers start to cling to my legs as the water soaks through. It’s not comfortable, but it’s actually quite romantic in a way.

Trees are coming up and I know they’ll give me shelter from the rain for a brief moment. How nice of the trees. Like big hands their in leaves covered branches protect me. Then out in the wind again. Rain dripping. But it’s not cold. And it’s not far anymore. I listen to the dribble.

I like London. In the rain.

And then it’s back to the busy highway. Crazy cars, heavy lorries, mean buses blast past me. Too close, too fast. Not nice. Back to city noise, city stress and city dangers. Back to London. In the rain.

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