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CRAZY LONDON – Meeting people by chance


Meeting people by chance in London

You’d think London with its 8 million or so people makes it difficult to run into someone you know.

The truth is, it happens quite often.

The trick is to keep an open mind about the stream of neverending faces you encounter in the tube / on the streets / in the club. Instead of letting them pass by, try to register them at least to a certain degree. It’s hardly possible to look at all of them, but if you watch out for a known face, it’s quite likely you indeed see someone you know.

Also, if it’s a person with similar interests you might easily meet them by chance, as you commute to similar events or in similar areas of London. E.g. if you tend to go to the same pub a lot, you become a ‘regular’ and thus dip into the pool of acquaintances of other ‘regulars’.

Sometimes you see a person and you’re very sure you recognise them, but it’s so difficult to place them in context that you can’t recall where you might know them from. It looks like a stupid pick-up line to approach them then and ask ‘Don’t I know you from somewhere?’

But the reward to meet somebody by chance in London is so great it’s definitively worth it!

It enfolds as a big scene of ‘Oh my god!’ and ‘I can’t believe it’ and ‘What a coincidence!’ and ‘This is impossible!’. Somehow a wave of joy overcomes the two of you, as bumping into someone in London seems so unlikely, it must have something to do with destiny. Hence, it feels very very special.

Then, of course, it’s still up to the two of you to make something out of it, meaning to spontaneously do something together or plan to meet up properly. Which in hectic London everybody would like to do, but, actually, is very unlikely.

Less unlikely actually than bumping into someone by chanceā€¦

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