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One day Londoners are celebrating in the streets for winning the Olympic bid, the next day we become target of a terrorist attack and nobody dares going out into the streets anymore…

One day we cry from happiness, the next tears of shock and empathy for the victims fill our eyes…

One day we think London is the greatest capital of the world, the next we realise what consequences and responsibilities this brings with it…

A very surreal experience, really. It cannot be said that no Londoner was affected. This was an attack on all Londoners, all over London.

The tube was down, busses were suspended. Total Chaos throughout the city. Mobile phones didn’t work, landlines were overloaded. Everybody was busy trying to get hold of the people they know. Crazy stories about suicide bombers being shot by the police made their way around Canary Wharf. Helicopters and sirens everywhere.

We all knew this would happen. The question was just when. Often when I was on the tube and it would suddenly stop without any apparent reason, there was this slight panic in the faces of people. Before 9/11, it was just ‘Damn tube’. After 9/11 there was always this thought ‘Is this it? Have we been hit?’. And a sigh of relieve went through the carriage when the tube continued its journey.

Thinking what impact this attack could have had, the death rate is relatively low. They could have used chemical bombs or a fire could have broken out. That is why many people think, this was just a warning and it is not over yet. So the angst continues.

Now a general ‘It could have been us’ and out of that ‘Life is so precious – do we really live?’ atmosphere hangs over London.

London is one of the culturally most diverse cities. Everybody, no matter what language or religion or from which part of the world, is welcomed here. Every faith has the freedom to be practiced here. Traditions are celebrated here. Cultures merge through art, music, dance, foods, festivals.

How will it go on now? Will the London community be disrupted by suspicion and distrust? Will every strange package cause a security alert?

Will life just go on? When the tube runs normal again, will we just go down there like we always did? Once the mourning for the victims is over, will we just catch up on the Olympic bid celebrations?

How will it be.


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