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Content Marketing - Copy Strategy exercise to define values

Content Marketing exercise to define values: One part of outlining a copy strategy.



I’m oldschool and learned mass media the traditional way from good old Ogilvy. My trade back then was copywriting. The copy strategy has always been one of the most essential tools, and is still valid now.


What is a copy strategy?

A copy strategy is a creative brief for the making of an advertising campaign. It can also be applied to define your messaging.


Who needs a copy strategy?

The process of outlining the copy strategy is a real beneficial exercise, especially if:

– You are a writer and want to define your voice.
– You are a team and work on the same content.


When does a copy strategy help?

The copy strategy, together with tone of voice and writing style, form a quick-glance brand bible that is extremely helpful if:

– You need to write copy and don’t know where to begin.
– You are new and don’t know what’s going on.
– You feel insecure with your spelling / grammar / wording.
– You need a quick reminder: What’s this all about again?


Why define a copy strategy?

The copy strategy gives you focus in your content production:

– It summarises your brand essence and how to express it in words.
– It outlines the overall goal of your organisation’s efforts so your copy is written with purpose.
– It’s a guide for your writing and helps you stay on topic.




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